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The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society

The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society is located in the Village of Rancho Santa Fe at 6036 La Flecha. The society aims to preserve the historical heritage of the community. When you enter the La Flecha building, you see photographs of Rancho Santa Fe legends that include Bing Crosby, Douglas Fairbanks, Victor Mature and other big names from Hollywood that frequented the neighborhood. In the La Flecha house, the society maintains a historical library and has produced video tapes highlighting the history of the community. The society tries to preserve the three main architectural styles of homes in the Covenant: the Spanish Colonial Revival style inspired by the San Diego Exposition of 1915; the California Ranch style which was an outgrowth of the 19th century adobe house featuring a single story dwelling, low in profile and closely related to terraces and gardens and; the Midwestern Prairie style which originated with the Chicago work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

A walk through the village history shows pictures of various historic landmarks starting with the La Flecha house. This was the first residence designed by Lilian Rice in 1923. This dwelling was given to the society in 1988 by the Reitz family.

In 1989, the California State Historical Resources Commission approved the Covenant area as a designated State Historic Landmark. The village Inn was also designed by Lilian Rice and originally called La Morada. It continues as a present-day hotel with a renewed appreciation of its historic tradition¹.


¹ Source: Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society

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